Sunday, May 1, 2016

From Pinas to Paris

I think I have just lived the best day of my life! And by the title itself, I meant from Pinas to Paris (literally). CDG was always a destination I had bid for, but was always rostered to me as a turnaround. Twice I've never seen Paris and didn't feel like I was actually THERE. But life has it's own ways of surprising you, if you let it. I could only admire Paris at night after takeoff and wishfully thinking that one of the brightest lights I see is coming from the Eiffel Tower. No wonder why it's called the City of Lights.

I am so lucky, no, blessed, to be given the opportunity for a Paris layover along with Shehara - my Sri Lankan crew who was very fresh off from training. She made me realize how I still have the same zest for flying from the very beginning. Here, I also found how a good navigator and street smart I can be by roaming around Paris like a real Parisian - taking the Metro, relying on no one but myself, a map and asking the French. The lady at the service desk was lovely to suggest us to stop at Trocadéro station instead of Champs Élysées to get the best view of the Eiffel Tower. It was obvious that we were gushing so much on our train ride as I knew we were nearing the tower. The Frenchman seated in front looked at us smiling and pointing that the Eiffel Tower was right behind the beautiful architectured buildings. My heart skipped a beat. I just got a glimpse of the Mother of all Towers slightly obstructed by equally romantic buildings. How can a mundane thing to them mean so much to someone else, like me? It was everything I saw on pictures, in weheartit, in movies, in my dream and more! And on a more serious note, despite all of the threats this city is facing, she kept composed. 

It was a beautiful day. It's like Tour Eiffel knew we were coming and held the rain and let the sun shine for us. And to complete my Parisian (look) experience, I needed a beret! (Or any kind of hat, for that matter) I took everything in while walking towards the tower, under that wrought iron structure and to Jardin de Tuileries. Savouring every single detail from finding the most beautiful cherry blossom tree to smelling the most tempting banana nutella crepes, and was tempted. I watched people admire and just live in the moment. I also have to thank Shehara for dragging me au sommet de Tour Eiffel. Giving me a 360 view of a city that was just a dream. I kept pinching myself not because of the freezing cold, but to stay alive for the moment I felt on top of the world. Follow your heart, guys. Life is but a dream come true!


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