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My Grecian Dream has finally come true! And the first leg of my first solo travel begins here in Santorini, Greece

It has been a dream of mine for years. And now, Greece is a check off my bucket list. From travel and tourism pictures, to more dreamy pictures in weheartit and (probably) cemented by a KC Concepcion-Richard Gutierrez Pinoy movie - I knew in my heart I want to be here. A trip I have planned for June came to me as an early unexpected gift! I've found the opportunity in my longer days off to do it NOW! A few hesitations, doubts and people telling me to be with someone in Greece - I booked my flights (Shukran Qatar Airways! And Efcharisto Aegean Airlines!) and accommodations (Thank you Airbnb!) to set off for an unforgettable journey. Alone.

With a wonderful stroke of luck, my boarding pass read 22A which meant more to me than just a window seat number, but my age and initials next to it. (Yes, I have this thing!) I met another fellow crew aimlessly flying to Athens on her days off. And then deciding to tag along with another aimless - me. So, for those wondering who took photos of me - I bought a 'selfie' stick last minute (I never owned one), cameras nowadays come with a thing called timer and asking people if they don't mind taking a photo of me - included.

I immediately felt at home (and fell in love) in Santorini. I lived in an Old Winery in Emporio Village, with white curved walls and ceilings, and blue coloured doors and windows. My wonderful host always had her Jack Russell terrier - Lolita - come along. Thira, is the city centre which continuously took my breath away. Walking and climbing up those stone steps bestrewn with souvenir shops, local finds, Greek bars and restaurants here and there. There was no end to what meets your eyes. We ascended higher and higher until we took in the horizon. And Thira did not disappoint, the caldera gave a beautiful landscape of volcanic cliffs scattered with white houses splashed with colourful bougainvilleas, the marble blue sea had ships sailing by below an empty sky. 

The other half of the day was dedicated for Oia, which for sure has inundated you with images of Santorini. The seemingly endless walks just made me want more. Until, I have finally laid my eyes on that colourful little town and beautiful white buildings with blue roofs. Unbelieving myself. I was happy to be there. And as the walk gets tiring, we decided to reach the bottom of the cliff seeing friendly donkeys along the way giving a ride for other already-tired travellers.

We found a sweet spot by Ammoudi for some (darn good!) Greek seafood with a view of boats and sea break of rocks. Moments later, we found ourselves on a little adventure climbing the rocky cliffs to find a place to rest and catch the sunset only to be surprised (yet again!) by the clearest and coolest turquoise waters I immediately dove into. Though hidden behind rocks, we've made local friends who showed us the nightlife in Santorini! Although my time was limited in Perissa, it was nothing short of special. I had the best Greek seafood pasta and Sigalas (Greek White Wine) in a family-owned Fish Tavern facing the black 'stones' beach, sharing life stories and making more friends.

I've never experienced anything as beautiful as this. This journey is a dream come true. I hope you've enjoyed this veryyy long post as much as I've loved creating it. And for others longing for their dream destinations, I hope you get motivated by this  #VideoJournal of my solo travel. For the first time.  💙

Thank You, God!

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