Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Oh Italia never fails to surprise me! And she does not run out of surprises either. This post marks my first entry for the year and (sort of) sets the tone for more dreams to be pursued. This story is from back in November when winter was already seeping through the Northern Hemisphere and Europe is preparing for that time of the year! My first ever trip to Milan holds a lot of firsts as I explored the city and it’s outskirts with mio cogino as my passeggero onboard! Just like the rest of the crew, we had about 30 hours layover. Meaning 30 hours to spend with Milano and squeeze in to see the Duomo, grab authentic pizza (and pasta), go to Lake Como and back to the airport hotel. No, seriously.

Despite the gloomy weather, the Duomo Milano was still magical and solemn at the same time. So were the pigeons, which were too friendly to take pictures with. I cannot miss climbing up the Duomo terraces and from there appreciated the Cathedral in all it’s gothic glory along with a panoramic view of the city. It only takes a few steps from the Duomo towards the Galleria and I was searching the floor for the “Bull’s Balls" as it has become quite a strange tradition to place the heel of your foot on the bull’s balls while spinning and making a wish! Hence, it is a tradition and we are in Milan, it's a must that we bid our wishes there too! Later on, we had a lovely Italian dinner at a restaurant our very own souvenir vendor showed us and caught some sleep for our adventure the next day...