Thursday, June 18, 2015

Discover Doha

Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim family and friends! And before anything else, Congratulations to QR winning Airline of the Year from Skytrax at the Paris Airshow 2015! Wow, there is just so much to celebrate about! Honestly...

So tonight, 2038H Doha local time, I have the luxury to lounge, go through my photos and write in my diary :) Today marks my third week (and running!) since I arrived in Doha (craaaaazy isn't it?!) Since then, things have been nothing but a surprise every single day... A part of that is today my batchies and I are done with our Cabin Services Training! Many many thanks to our excellent (and lovely) instructor Ms. Sumari :)  

I am glad to have tagged along with my Ate Anne to kick-off my first ever weekend in Doha. And what better way to do it, is to go on an adventure! (and needless to say, misadventure) haha! It was a hot (very hot) day when we went off to the middle of (nowhere! I'm kidding.) the desert, with our little cooler filled with ice and drinks on our little Kia. The road was a sight of camel-coloured sands and rough, rocky and bumpy roads. I jumped on my seat to finally meet Qatar's pride (and QR's tail fin) when we stumbled on a herd of Oryx and a few other desert deers. Next up, was Film City which was a replica of the olden Arab times. We spent the day with new South African friends in our own little secret gem, which lives up to its name Zikreet Beach. Who needs a 4x4 when our little Kia made it! The ride may have been a mess but at the end of the road, it was beautiful and we had it all to ourselves. It was the perfect place to catch my first Doha sunset. And on a side note, I now trust the miracles of GPS and Google Maps!

My new Brazilian friend and I both agree that we are abencoada. It's a blessing to be here, to be right now. It's both a humbling and grateful time that there are moments when it becomes too overwhelming. I say, hold it with your both hands and share it :) Alhamudullilah everyday!