Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hi Shanghai! Or should I say, Ni Hao! This city is bound in extremes. In one place, Shanghai is both a modern, bustling, high-end global city and a classic, traditional, and former centuries-old dynasty. 

On the very night we came, we went into the heart of Shanghai's business districts where the buildings illuminated the sky and people filled the city streets, you'll never feel walking alone in China! After getting a little bit lost and tried to be ripped-off by cab drivers, we made it onto the other side of the Huang Pu river and reached The Bund to capture that famous Shanghai skyline. Our adrenaline and excitement was worth it, as the city lights went off minutes after we came. Just the right amount of time for a still photo! Being the most populous state in the world, I am impressed how Shanghai's Metro has 10 (TEN!) interconnected train lines taking you to every corner of the city. Just a segue to Dubai Metro where you pick between Red or Green line.

During the day, we headed out again into the city to visit Yu Garden. Here, we were brought back in time to the marvels of Chinese dynasties and deep-seated culture. As embedded upon the entrance - The Yu Garden is an excellent model of classical Chinese gardening architecture. It was built during the reign of Ming Empire (1559) as a private garden and today is also home to precious relics and the best of China's traditional art. Every bit of detail has been well-preserved by the state through the years. I might have not yet seen the Great Wall but the Dragon Wall within Yu Garden is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it. My eyes were filled with a panorama of Chinese temples, greens, city lights, koi fishes and turtles. There's a whole lot to see and shopping spree. This was just the first of my travel and already have a second trip coming up. I get to be Mulan for a day, again :)