Thursday, October 1, 2015


Another month has gone and so has another roster been done! It gave me a whole lot of thrill to actually salubong the month of September in Melbourne, OZ! My first destination in Oceania and first Ultra Long Haul flight with a crew rest experience onboard. I was very ecstatic to land in Australia – the home of some of my favourite bloggers namely Kim Jones, Gary Pepper Girl, Tuula Vintage and Margaret Zhang - the few influencing/inspiring ladies whom I've been following around. But with my phone camera broken (and my ONLY camera) at that time, even I felt a bit down to go and explore the city. However, with a wonderful stroke of luck, my fellow Pinay crew now-turned- good friend – was way more a photographer than I consider myself and loves to be in front of the camera for #selfies! Thanks to her GoPro Hero 4 (which I should invest on my own very soon.)

God, really has a way of doing things. What I loved about Melbourne is how they were able to marry the urban life with nature. Just within the vicinity of our hotel, I felt like we had explored and seen much of what this bustling beautiful city has to offer on a crisp cold day. In just one day! We were right at the heart of Melbourne’s city centre where everything was a walk away and picture-worthy for us to stop for a photo op. Allow me to chant - Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

1. Yarra River – right when you step out of the hotel we were staying in and across was the Crowne Casino where we had a selection of food chains for dinner.

2. Polly Woodside – a showcase of Melbourne’s sea port life with everything navy installations.

3. Melbourne Exhibition Center – (where we took most our photos!)

4. Graffiti Walls – these works of art are actually spread across the city, so there’s no chance to miss it.  

5. Eureka Skydeck – get a vast bird’s eye view of Melbourne from the 88th floor on top of Eureka. I found you!

6. Flinder’s Street – our desire to stop by this striking architecture brought us to the famous Flinder's Street which was actually a train station.