Friday, October 27, 2017


B1 Prüfung Day! 27.10.17

Als ich nach Deutschland umgezogen bin, suchte ich einen Deutschkurs. Schon der erste Tag ist mir in guter Erinnerung geblieben. Ich bin sehr happy, dass ich diese Leute aus der ganze Welt kannte.

Wir kommen aus verschiedenen Ländern, Kulturen & Berufen und sprechen keine gleiche Sprache, nur Deutsch, die wir noch lernen muss. Aber wir unterhalten uns sehr gut, am besten mit Körperliche Sprache! Wir haben viel Spaß gemacht, viel gelacht, viel Bier getrunken und viel gelernt. Und jetzt sind wir bereit für unsere Prüfung!

Vor 7 Monaten habe ich sie kennengelernt und seitdem sind wir gute Freunde geworden. Sie sind nicht nur meine Klassenkameraden, sondern auch meine allererste Familie hier in Deutschland. Wie mein Lehrer hat es gesagt: DIE BESTE KURSGRUPPE ALLEZEIT! 

Ich erinnere mich, dass ich eigentlich für es betet. Gute Menschen kennenzulernen und Sympathische Lehrer, die sehr gute beibringen, zu haben. Ehrlich gesagt, mein Anfang hier in Deutschland war nicht leicht. Ich hatte keine Freunde, außerdem konnte ich kein Deutsch. Aber jetzt bin ich nicht mehr alleine die ganze Deutschland und der Zukunft zu entdecken. Wir sind immer zusammen und helfen uns einander, wie eine Familie. Und zwar, es ist ein Traum, der wahr wird.

(PS. Bitte verziehen Sie meine Grammatik! Ich habe es versucht, ohne Google Translate der zu schreiben. Danke )

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Life Moves Fast. That was well put by a new fave of mine - Mari :) The months have gone by in a swift and so have we welcomed the "-ber Months" in a blink (and before we know it,  we shall be bidding this year goodbye) But until then, we keep up with the demands of our daily lives - Studies, Job/s, Errands, Deadlines and the list goes on... I am an undeniable OC writing down my "To Do's", planning the week ahead but still finding 24 hours a day not enough. Which is why, I couldn't even squeeze in a visit to my baby blog. Well, meinen Deutschkurs läuft gut, I have a raket during the weekdays, I get to hangout with friends, and as part of my "Wellness Regime", I drag myself to the gym and unearthed an enthusiasm for cooking! Even I am surprised to be as busy as someone with a full time job! Because... life moves fast.

Apart from the tasks I set myself above, I do not forget to spend time executing my dreams. I've read countless romanticized posts about Prague and Czech Republic is a country I've been wanting to visit. Apparently, Czech was spared during the World War, hence, their Old Towns and Infrastructure are intact as they had always been. And since I am matigas ang ulo, I went solo and took a 6 hour bus ride from Hamburg to Prag. Thank you Flixbus.

I got to peek out of the window, and the moment I saw the clustered-bricked-orange-coloured roofs, my heart skipped a beat! It was like out of a Fairytale Book! I found my Airbnb in a breeze but I think I brought the rain down with me from Hamburg and was opting to stay dry. Good thing my Host Pavel, was nice enough to give me a ride to the City and even nicer to leave me his Flat for the weekend! (*Wink) I started Photo Walking, wandering aimlessly and shooting whatever catches my eye whilst under the rain. I kept walking uphill until I viewed life from the top within the complex of the Prague Castle. But it was by the St. Vitus Cathedral when I met this cute and super nice Chinese girl, who is taking up Italian in Florence and asked me to take a photo of her. It was a pleasure for me to do so and she let me in under her Umbrella. I knew I won a new friend in Jie who is my fellow "Asian Girl". And my adventure in Prague has just begun.

We stopped by a busy Souvenir Shop and this friendly lad struck a good conversation with us! Here we met Ali, a Kazakh who just finished his Uni Studies in Prague and our trustworthy guide through the City. The rain has finally held up during the night and we were back on Charles Bridge with more people, soft lights and live music! The lit up Castle on a gradient blue backdrop and it's reflection on the Vltava River was magic. Add a group of Violinists playing Viva La Vida by Coldplay and that, was simply the Charm of Czechia. We ended the evening with a warm Czech dinner consisting of  pretzels, meat, goulash and their very own bread dumplings. Leckerrr!

I didn't feel alone at all on this trip, but more like meeting up again with longtime friends. Jie extended her stay in Prague and even stayed by me! We started the day to meet Flavius from Romania, who was although new to Prague and unable to offer a Couch for Surfers like me, was kind to offer his time and explore the City together. 

We covered pretty much the entire City on foot, or if not, by train or tram. I love Old Towns, it makes me feel like living in a Post Card or a Paper House.  But check out the Dancing House - a deconstructed Hotel that stands out in this City densely surrounded by historic architecture. I haven't read "Metamorphosis" yet but visited Franz Kafka Museum and learned Prague through him. 

The John Lennon Wall could just be a perfect spot for hippies and I always appreciate colour, art and freedom. You haven't been to Prague if you haven't at least stumbled upon the Astronomical Clock in the colourful Old Town which has become a significant symbol of the City, even in Kafka's time. 

During the golden hour, we were at Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden sitting on the meadow, watching the sunset, beer in one hand. But that was just the prelude. When a Kazakh tells you to go with him, you go. Even if it's in the middle of the night, walking empty roads and hiking a hill leading you to somewhere... sketchy. He took us to the Metronome in Letna Park. The sight was beautiful. We were atop this giant Pendulum, along with other people of our generation overlooking Prague at night. I am not sure about the usage of the Metronome but it does serve a purpose to Czech Republic and it's people. I have (very recently) read that it's exact location is also where former Communist Leader - Stalin - gigantic statue used to stand. With the fall of communism, the Metronome also symbolizes a change in time. 

It was amazing. I am so glad that we found each other. I won't forget that night we all sat on a bench, under a tree by the Bridge and simply talking about life (and our young lives) without inhibitions or pretensions, bare and all. I made it a point to spend my Sunday, and my last day, at Church and visit the Holy Infant Jesus in Karmelitska to hear Mass and give thanks. The only Czech I learned is "Děkuji" which I hope is enough to say how grateful I am. But I had also been gifted to find 'Pieces of Home' there. I'm happy I did this trip. I kept telling myself that this has been more than a dream come true because I had no grand expectations but to see the City, take pictures and make new friends. But I think that's me... pursuer of dreams.