Hallo! My name is Alyson Faith. But friends call me Aly. I am a Proudly Pinay, Born in Hamburg, Bred in Manila. A girl with many interests and an itching travel bug. 

Being a Consular and Diplomatic Affairs graduate of the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde taught me a valuable discipline and appreciation for the world, societies, art, culture and nature.

I developed a subconscious love for the written word during my childhood, as evidenced by the scented pages of my diary with a photo of me and my dog - Pixy on the cover, the scattered stationaries and countless journal writing in school. What started as a random blog turned into a gallery of my favourite photographs, a documentary of my travels and a personal diary as a form of expression.

An overview to my young, eventful, little life: 
I lived my first 7 years in Germany with my younger sister and family. We then moved to the Philippines where I practically spent my whole life within the islands. I left home right after College and moved to the UAE where I worked for a year in a Real Estate Company. I then found the chance to pursue my childhood dreams to fly, thereby taking me to Qatar where I joined an International Airline. Being home-based in the Middle East allowed me to spread my wings and see the world from all perspectives. My love for flying rewarded me not only to go places but also to be inspired.

Since my life is full of motion, I am back living in Hamburg and learning Deutsch! I am an adventure seeker, airport sleeper, adrenaline junkie, waterbaby, pet parent and occasional bookworm who enjoys trips down memory lane. When I'm not doing any of those above, you might find me in the kitchen churning a recipe I haven't tried before; in the outdoors backpacking aimlessly; in the shower singing my heart out; or at a Zumba Class dancing my ass off. I am excited to share with you how my life unfolds, my adventures and misadventures thereof. And faithful to live in awe touching hearts along the way  

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