Sunday, August 31, 2014

Career Shift

I can't even bring myself to begin with this... talking about Career. I am not the smartest or prettiest but I've always imagined to see myself somewhere. 

Monday, August 4, 2014




Another of my TravelDiary over Eid. Us girls got to explore the other side of Dubai, literally the other side since we had to take a quick boat ride on the Abra - which is an Arabic type of small boat - to see Old Dubai and get to the Old Souq. With that, it reminded me of the scene of my favourite Carry Bradshaw and the girls in the movie "Sex and the City 2". Remember Abu Dhabi, anyone? I just want to give you a friendly reminder that mostly men are in the area and the occasional staring and catcalling made us uncomfortable. Yet, I still felt like Jasmine in the land of Aladdin, especially when I found that golden lamp! (hail the genie inside) More so, I caught the sky at sun down with a blush of pink! We were immersed in the set-up of the Middle East back in time. We had to pass through small alleyways, in between shops and take a stroll in that little old Arab Village. The shops (souqs) had a handful variety of Arabic ornaments and little trinkets from clothing, lamps, lanterns (which I'll surely fill my future home with), scents and intricately designed and colourful handmade ceramics. Great for pasalubong!  I'll have to go back there, InshAllah, to grab (or hoard) stuff for Mama, I know she'll love it and find a perfect spot for it back home.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


The cousins and I made the most of the short vacay and our go-to place - the b e a c h! The sun worshippers in us loved to catch some tan :) And, the-everyday-sunny-in-Dubai made it a perfectly strong Summer weather. We took the moment to hit Jumeirah first thing in the morning and woke up to a breather - the Burj Al Arab as our backdrop, the taste of the salty (salty!) sea and the crowd of fellow beach goers who went kayaking and circuit training and were there to enjoy the holiday too.

A happy and meaningful Eid Al Fitr to all my Muslim friends, family and colleagues!

P.S hold-on just yet for another of our TravelDiary over Eid ;)