Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Tita Elvie, Ebing, Birang, Manay, Mama Vie -- so many names and titles have grown out of a special person like you. Just as the many hats you wear -- a daughter, sister, wife, friend, aunt, and not to mention, grandma! But out of all these hats, you wore it best being a mother. 

You have raised such three strong and beautiful women and been a loving wife to your soulmate. You've welcomed and loved each and everyone of your nieces and nephews like your own. No wonder, all the children in Bohol come running home to you. You were such a chill mom and cool aunt that you hardly ever aged and kept that youthful glow within you. You were shuttling between the US and the Philippines always rushing to come home. One place to build a life and the other that brought you life. For you, family always came first by being present at every family event - birthdays, reunions and graduations. And you would always be the intermediary among your siblings, taking everything with a smile and creating memories.

All of that you did so gracefully, humbly and enthusiastically while battling cancer.
We can only imagine all the chemotherapies, radiation, surgeries and countless visits to the hospital we might not even know of. You embraced it with all your heart and with your unwavering faith to God. You taught us to pray in silence. You had a heart so big that in one of our last conversations, you mentioned that you would take in all of the family's sickness to keep us from suffering. You lived your life fearlessly and to the fullest! And that alone inspires us to live, fight a good fight and keep going as a family. You empower me as a mom and as a woman. You were proud of me and me of you. How wonderful it is, knowing such a brave and beautiful soul like you, Tita.

I thank God for the gift of you as He blessed us with you as a vessel. You were a vessel that kept our families together and our faith in God strong. For you are a woman of God, clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future [Proverbs 31:25] You were always excited of coming home and wished for it like a daughter from her Father. And that wish has been fulfilled.

You are now back home in the arms of our God just like this  -- beautiful, smiling and so full of life. Thank you for showing us love and being love. We now have another Angel with Papa Tino watching us from above. You left in peace and no matter how much you've prepared us for this inevitable time, it won't stop us from missing you. Everyday. 

Happy 9th Day in Heaven!