Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cape Town: The Second Time Around

Make that the Third. I have been flying down to Cape Town more often than I expected I would be. And for the record, got pulled out twice from standby which made me scream and squeak due to flat out excitement! It's always a drum-roll-sort-of moment for crews waiting for the rostering team to pull you out for either a very bad sector or a really good destination. I'm flattered to technically be in Cape Town the whole year round, experiencing the Southern Hemisphere winter season and smashing summer day! It is no secret that the Mother City is very close to my heart from the very beginning, right here. It was love at first sight.

It's a blessing that for the second time around I got to make completely new memories with her, see what I missed and experience what more she has to offer. I'm glad to have tagged along with the rest of the crew and who else could be a better tour guide than someone who used to fly with us and a home grown Cape Townian - Andrew, whom you can follow on instagram and add on facebook for a well-tailored and super friendly tour. Seeing happy feet in Boulders Beach was at the top of our itinerary. You feel gigil by these cute little creatures, with the most delightful backdrop on a beautiful day. And being a waterbaby, I plunged into the most inviting waters to get soaked! Let Cape Point take your breath away and get a panorama of waters, cliffs and mountains as far as your eyes can see. I swear, no other word is gonna come out of your mouth from the cable car ride up until coming back down but... WOW. And if you're keen enough to spot where the Two Oceans meet (Indian and Atlantic ocean), aside from tasting a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc! We drove further to reach the most South Western point of the African continent that is the Cape of Good HopeI'm just a speck in a million of other specks and to find myself being there was just unbelievable! Unbelievable. It was a truly majestic moment. Full of hope. More to our journey was being half awake passing through the wonderful valley of Noord Hoek below Chapman's Peak where you can have a dreamy horse ride by the shore, driving thru the coast and sight the Lion's Head and Signal Hill while Pompeii by Bastille is playing in the background. Our itinerary ended up at Table Mountain blanketed with a cold fog plus getting a view of Robben Island which holds what used to be Nelson Mandela's cellAnd then, capping off the night at the Waterfront

This post is more of a photodump than a photo diary and I hope the pictures would speak for themselves. The editing process brought me back to the moment which made me so thankful and happy to finally share this with you all. And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you've been here before?

Penguins at Boulders Beach

Cape Point

Cape of Good Hope

Meet the Crew and Andrew!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


2015 had been so amazing (and so swift); even I am still caught in a whirlwind. But one that has been personally and professionally rewarding. I shall then start off 2 0 1 6 here, fresh from where I trailed off... I too am aware of the backlog of stories I can't wait to share! Right now I'm hurting my back a little from the chilly winter weather and spending too much time in front of the computer. Which takes me back to where I'd rather be - in the water, feeling the warmth of the sun, chasing whalesharks.

Honestly, it's been in my long bucketlist to "swim with the butanding" in Oslob, Cebu. But a wishlist is just a list until you actually make it come to life and becomes one. hell. of an adventure. Plus the amazing people you are with and making new friends. Cebu wouldn't be complete without having their famous lechon for dinner upon arriving the city. We took a 3 hour bus ride and spent the night in Argao Bureau of Fire Protection Station (Yes, you read that right! Thanks to AteYan Winking) Finding a one-night-only shelter in the barracks of our fire fighters. We didn't waste any time and set off again way before sunrise for another 3 hour bus ride from Argao down South of Cebu to Oslob. And there we were, at the MB's Sunrise View Resort. But first, a briefing before getting too close with the giants. 

The encounter with these wonderful creatures is a lifetime worth of experience forever etched in my memory. It was terrifying, at first, seeing them in all their glory (I had a photo that looks like a clip from the Jaws movie!) But then, it was too magical to be scary. I felt happy and alive swimming right next to them and they don't even mind you being there. Just letting you be. A true gentle giant.

I had to catch and hold my breath for a few seconds chasing them around. Then realizing that you are surrounded by a number of them. Props to our team of boat men who I know are so hard working and kind (shoutout to Kuya Ryan!) who just took my camera and started taking our pictures which came out so beautifully! I'd have to say, don't just try to take pictures with them but swim with them. Time and again, I am so proud of what we have in our very own backyard. How there is so much in our own home! (Ato ni 'bai! Atin 'to!) I am so thankful to my fellow "backpacker", mermaid and Ate Ann for this dream come true Red heart She is truly deserving of the "Travel Buddy of the Year" Award. Haha! Thank you also Mr. Butanding for your life and making my love for the ocean even bigger! When the time came for us to go, I couldn't help but look back.