Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tak København

No words. Just complete kilig moment when I got CPH off from standby. I was the happiest girl! Copenhagen is a city so close to where I was born. And as it came to me as a surprise, I allowed myself to be more stunned by this beautiful city. We landed on a cold but sunny Jan afternoon, secretly hoping for snow to fall anytime soon. But God had a different idea; He wanted me to see the view right outside my hotel room window as a beautifully painted picture! It was so beautiful; it was like reading out of a Children’s fairytale book. Maybe this is why Hans Christian Andersen was so inspired. I was looking right at the heart of Copenhagen.

My ultimate goal was to reach Nyhavn – an old town situated in a canal bestrewn with restaurants, pubs and colourful Danish houses. Without a map in hand, just a determined heart, my crew and I walked into the city braving the cold winter. I have nothing but admiration for Scandinavians. Forget about them being my passengers. But as people, and a nation, they are well deserving of the ‘Happiest People in the World” title. I am glad for a nation who aren’t just well educated, but friendly, disciplined, but polite, speaks very good English and on top of that – very good looking! 

The following day seemed like a storm was looming, but my heart was happy to witness snow! Again! After so many years… When sunshine finally filled the city, it felt like Christmas morning! I woke up to a Winter Wonderland! I will never forget that stunning oil-based painting from outside my window. God is such an artist! Thank you Copenhagen! You made me the happiest girl!

Write it in your heart, that everyday is the best day of the year. - RW Emerson

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