Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This Is London

Today would’ve been my fourth time being in London. But thanks to a sudden roster change that brought me here instead, with two days off, which I accepted as a blessing in disguise to stop. for a little bit. London, just like Paris, are those cities that ring a bell whenever we hear their names. Makes our heart beat a little faster. And in a world of social media and publicity, has inundated us much enough with films, photos and ideals of them. Which is why, London felt like another dream come true.

I am glad to spend my first flight with a fellow Pinay who flies the A380 and treats London like her regular bedroom. I got my first Oyster Card which started my “How To Be British” game strong and took the “Tube”, as the Brits call it. We went to Notting Hill (*bell ring), yes, that famous Julia Roberts movie which I haven’t watched until after I’ve actually been there! We walked the colourful street shops and markets down Portobello Road, bought a whole lot of British trinkets to choose from and had authentic Fish ‘n Chips to munch. Another “How To Be British” point! We took the tube again and headed to Westminster Bridge. I had no idea that by the moment I stepped out of the Underground Station, there I would meet Ben. He was such a stunner. So was the London Eye. For a moment, I couldn’t believe myself. What I love about Europe, is that you could just walk aimlessly and find yourself in places like the Westminster Abbey, St. James Park and the Buckingham Palace. And of course, how could I miss the streets bestrewn with the iconic red telephone booths. It was a beautiful autumn night.

London was also where I started off the year 2016. And grateful to God for I have found a family in another city, thank you to Mama Linda, Tita Joyce and my cousins over there. I found a place I can truly call a Home away from home and I'm blessed to have spent the new years with them.

As I keep coming back to London, I too have found myself in Piccadilly Circus one Chinese New Year night, paid a visit to the Windsor Castle (and just had to do shopping in Primark).  And still, I am overwhelmed like the first time. I just gotta Keep Calm. This is London.


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