Friday, August 21, 2015

First Layover

Life can take you by surprise. Be it in form of a phone call from a friend, unexpected rains or thunder, finding a spare bill deep under your pockets... Anything! Just anything even the simplest thing to remind you He's there, looking from above.

After one solo flight, two observation flights and more than a year later I have come home to my mom and sister in the Philippines! I couldn't be happier to have Manila as my first layover flight and on my mom's birth month pa! On the night of my arrival, my sister and I were already waiting at the hotel room. When my mom entered, the first thing she said was "Hello, my Princess..." and I can't remember what happened next. Me operating Manila flight felt more like a homecoming than just a layover. I got to see my closest friends since High School, sip on a warm and maasim na Pork Sinigang (oh I am salivating right now) and slurp on Taho! I felt the tropical rainshowers again, like I've never experienced them in my life. In the morning after, I just had to go to Church for grace and gratefulness in my heart. And the Manila Cathedral was the most solemn place for a morning gratitude. It made me happy to see Filipino families hear mass together and more than that, it was my first time at the Cathedral. It's a special different feeling coming home to your Mama's arms and be cradled and held tight. Ain't nobody loves me better!

I still remember the day I left home and the things I had been going through abroad. It never came to my thoughts or imagination to come home in the way I had. God is just amazing how He planned and worked out all of this! Life is truly full of surprises! Allow God to surprise you and it will blow you away.

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