Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cape Town

Two days in Cape Town, and it felt like I'm in a whole new world altogether. None of us had known what's in store. Seeing the bluest of skies, a welcoming winter weather, being surrounded by mountain ranges, the blessings of Mother Nature and on top of that - meeting the warmest, friendliest and fun-loving people. Cape Townians and South Africans in general, are few of the amazing people whom you'd want to befriend in a heartbeat! True enough when I've met Gift and Innocent at Quay Four at the Waterfront :) I'm glad to have tagged along with my Colleagues and just went on driving the city which, ironically, drove us crazy. I fell in love how the frothy clouds are whipped on top Table Mountain, how one day it could be biting cold and then gloriously sunny the next. 
To be honest, I'm at lost for words to describe this beauty. Speechless. Stunned. South Africa took my heart away!   

1. V&A Waterfront - a beautiful harbour city right at the foot of Table Mountain. Enjoy the shopping, food, pubs or just pick a front row seat along the Waterfront for a hot cuppa Ceylon Tea at night.

2. Drakenstein Lion Park - a sanctuary for rescued animals whose stories would make us realize to respect life and nature more. Speak to their local caretakers who are passionate with what they do and get to know more of these beautiful creatures on a personal level. Visit the lions, tigers, chimps, wallabies and more!

3. Fairview Winery - get a taste of New World red and white wines. Know the grapes, process and what goes best with your next meal. Indulge yourself in cheese tasting along with your wine, one cheese at a time :)

4. De Villiers Chocolate Factory (Spice Route) - taste some artisan home grown and made South African chocolates from dark to salted caramel. And bring some home for pasalubong!

5. Barley & Biltong (Paarl, Cape Town) - a lunch with a view is just appetizing. I had my first take on Biltong (cured meat), a very South African tidbit in beef, kudu and gemsbok. I'd love for you to go figure!

6. Language Monument - although closed when we reached, we took a drive on top of the mountains and from there did our own little hike and got a panoramic view of the city. Took our breaths away.

7. Stellenbosch - coffee and night cap at this small old town in Cape Town. Nostalgic and beautiful at the same time.


  1. can't imagine myself creating stories like these!....hehehehee! you're a good traveler!...wait 'till you see the rest of the world! fly high ason! ♥♥♥