Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Definitely Dubai

How time flies! Today marks our second week living in the wonderful city of Dubai! Before, I was only reminiscing the desert heat, state-of-the-art glass buildings, distinct Arabic food, the Islamic call for prayer and my fun-loving cousins from five years ago! I am happy and blessed to be here again. The places made me feel going back a trip down memory lane but the feeling was never the same.  It has been a mix of exciting adventures and cozy retreats at home (my auntie’s home!).

This time, I have explored Dubai out with the Metro! (Dubai’s ultramodern public transportation) I must say, the city's Rail Network is really impressive!! I forgot if I was in a hotel or an airport? It can take us from border to border, from the DXB International Airport to Jebel Ali (some 22 miles from the city). The sight of the crooked Burj Khalifa from afar always gets you staring up high and wondering how it is to view from the top. I was also a jitterbug to experience the change of season! There were a few times it rained and locals enjoyed watching the rainfall (including us!). But the sandstorm was something new to me; it was windy and foggy at the same time but it’s actually dust that covered up the city. Since the city is transitioning from Winter to Summer, the weather has been fairly cool with clear skies and the sun shining brightly hinting: “It’s almost Summer!” I have always been this wanderlust. In love with places, people and culture (and food!). Now there’s so so much more to explore! ما شاء الله MashAllah!

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