Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I first met Rita on a Sunday, at Church. Saw her from afar, her hair neatly tucked away from her face, sporting a sleek, casual outfit and running shoes, as she greeted everyone around her with a smile and peace. She was simply glowing amongst the crowd. That left me wondering who she was, where she's from or what she does, only to find out moments later that she was indeed a good friend of my Tante Marilou.

I had very minimal knowledge of Deutsch at that time as we got into conversation. But it felt so light and so natural chatting with her (auf Deutsch!). I had nothing to be intimidated about. She said, she was once just like me, an Ausländer who moved to Germany, learning the language, seeking greener pastures. 

I thereby learned, Rita is a lovely lady from Lithuania whom I'd closely liken to Lady Diana. Strong but sensitive. Classy but cool. Refined but not restricted. And with a passion for beautiful spaces and delectable pastries! The kind of all-around (Ladyboss) woman I aspire to be.

She truly inspires me every time we talk and reminds me to look into the future with a new light. This was my very first Frauenabend (Ladies' Night), where she invited us along with her closest girlfriends, who are also every bit their own Ladybosses. Everything from the table setting, to the decorations, the presentation and the cake (oh the cake!) had a touch of 'Rita' on it. So, it would be unfair not to share that lovely evening. As well as celebrating this wonderful woman today.

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