Saturday, July 4, 2015

Forever 21

It's been 4 days past my 22nd Birthday! I actually have no intention to blog today but my inner writer (and blogger) has just found the perfect window time to do so since training has been a breezer and I'm staying in. I don't want to get all mushy either but just give me a penny for my thought. After reading my favourite Miss Jones, I've decided to pop into my blog (as I hardly get to do that) and re-read my previous posts. To my surprise, I hardly remember some of the things I wrote in there! 

However, I cannot disremember what I've written myself a year ago on my 21st birthday. I wrote to myself how I am left with excitement for more of many firsts and adventures! And wonder where I might be next time? Only to find the answer here, in Doha. It's amazing how, through the gift of hindsight, I look over the stretch of events and people that have taken place prior to this. Never would I have imagined it the way it is. I always try to put things into perspective by asking myself - what have I that I did not receive? And trusting the plans He's set apart for you and me. See how amazing God is? 
The word 'Thank You' has been the most overly used word in my prayers, day and night. There is still more to many of my firsts and my adventures has begun. Now, I can look back with a smile on my face and I'm beaming with a grin on things lying ahead! My little note to self now is Be Brave & Be Thankful.

Since this is an unprepared blog, I couldn't quite pick a decent photo of me as twenty two. (Twenty-two?!!) And after much debate on what this post is supposed to be titled, I just had to stick on the label I was wearing. Easy. HAHA!

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