Sunday, January 11, 2015

Boot Camp

This blog entry has been long overdue, but no more cold feet, so here it is! Ever since Carrie Bradshaw changed the way women look at mundane 'footwear', I have believed that there is a special connection between girls and shoes! (Right?!) It's not just merely when the shoe fits... or keeping your heels... It's the impression and story behind every first glance. I've always wanted to have my own pair of boots but I'm always left indecisive on what type - ankle or thigh-high, material - leather or gamuza, height - flat or heeled plus confronted with my keen attention to details even with the colour! Which is why, sometimes, less choices (or no choice at all) is better for me. 
I had this (for a lack of a better term) edgy purchase from New Look, with no intentions to buy boots for myself. A brand I've just known, since there is no New Look shop in the Philippines, but have come to love for it's emporium of stylish staples and statement quality pieces (at very reasonable prices). And there, under those racks and racks of shoes, this black beauty has caught my eyes. I tried them on wondering if they were my size, and oh boy they fit like a glove! Of course before any purchase, I do check on the price tag and to my surprise it had a red tag Sale!! I checked the shoe racks again and found those were the last of it's pair! It's timely as well as I enjoy the Winter season in the AE. No more second thinking, I had to get them, they're meant for me!

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