Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pico de Loro

I'm not exactly a sporty person, I don't do sports, but I sure am an Adrenaline Junkie! On this same day, exactly a year ago, I had this AMAZING experience to climb a mountain! Climbing a mountain sounds oblivious, but it is truly life fulfilling and changing. My sister and I happily joined a group of experienced mountaineers and were Drop. Dead. Excited! Recalling that day, we had our water bottles filled, rucksack ready and camera fully charged! 

An early morning jeepney ride to Maragondon, Cavite got us started that will take us to the site. People from all walks of life, men, women, teens, adults, buff, fit, experienced, non-experienced came together for one and the same goal: Climb up the mountain (which is optional) and Go back down (mandatory). At the sheer look of participants, one could tell who would make it or not. But that's not how it works for mountaineering. Sure one has to have the physical strength, but those who make it to the top are the ones with a lot of heart. Hours were spent walking and hiking trails, terrains, water streams, rocks and thick foliage. Nature will be your best friend on the journey, a little twig will help you lift yourself up, a steady rock will secure your every step and a tree's shade will give you a good spot to rest. And then, Mother Nature rewards! Reaching the peak of Mt. Pico de Loro was nothing I've ever seen or experienced in my life. I never knew such beauty. You feel VICTORIOUS that a small person, like me, has conquered a huge mountain. It's true that the hardest, most hidden places to go to, is a place worth going. This ADVENTURE I had is inexplainable. One must struggle to understand. But this I can promise, it is worth EVERYTHING!    

Pico de Loro, my baptism of fire in mountain climbing!

It's always further than it looks

It's always taller than it looks

And it's always harder than it looks

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