Friday, December 26, 2014

This Time of the Year

It's a wonderful cold breeze brought about by the season and the warmth of having family and friends together... 

Back home in the Philippines, this season has been in full swing since the -ber months have entered. Parols lined out in the streets, decorations extravaganza, the playful lights (I remember watching year by year a new lights set up at the CCP Complex whenever I go home by bus), the fluffy and tasty bibingka and sweet-that-melts-in-your-mouth puto bumbong after every Simbang Gabi which I can only satisfy my craving for once a year.  These are the little things that I miss from home and remind me 'tis the season! Coupled with my Mama's natural decor designing skills and master-planned Noche Buena.  It's always a full-blown feast in the PH, it doesn't matter if you have much as long as you have your family around the tree. (And by family, that includes our pet dogs and cats :> ) Meanwhile, in the Middle East, I am comforted to see Christmas decors up in Hotels and Malls, to hear carols from our Kababayans and greetings from our non-Christian friends and colleagues. I too give myself a little help by firing up my 8tracks with happy + Christmas songs (It gives me the feels...)

This is the first time celebrating Christmas away from home. (May tatalo pa ba sa Pasko ng Pinas?!) The season's spirit has delayed sinking-in to me, as I have only got to put on my Santa hat to do some Christmas shopping on Christmas day!! Putting away all the longing for family (friends included) and scrambling for gifts, is resetting yourself to the true reason of the season. No matter where you are or what you're going through - this is a time (more than ever) to be grateful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for coming into our lives. PocketFuel has written it best. Isn't this a wonderful time to reflect and get fired up more for the coming year that's just a stone-throw-away? 
I hope you find meaning at this time of the year and exciting things to come in 2015! xxx

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